How my faith helps me stay optimistic when things go wrong

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to remember these three little words: Now isn’t forever.

This little gem of wisdom has played a huge role in my life more often than not this year — but I will admit that there are times when it isn’t so easy to believe them. Painful things can and do happen. When they do, it can be tough — if not impossible — to think that what you’re looking at now could possibly shift into something more desirable, especially when there is no physical evidence to support this idea.

To avoid getting sucked into the notion that, when the chips are down, it’s time to give up, one has to simply have a little faith.

What is faith?

I don’t know if you’ve experienced what it’s like to feel as though nothing is going your way, regardless of your intentions, methods or actions. It can feel disempowering and disheartening. When it seems as though this is a persistent theme in your life, even temporarily, it can be easy to want to give up.

This is how I have felt many times this year, but there has been one little thought that has kept me going:

I can’t possibly know how things will turn out if I were to rely on my limited physical perspective to show me the truth. I know there is an intelligence system at work in my life, and it’s up to me to be strong enough to trust this.

It’s a form of acceptance and surrender, but it isn’t from a victim-based mentality. Having faith means that you trust yourself and the universe enough to guide you in the right direction, even when you don’t yet know where this will take you.

It’s easy to feel confident when things seem to be going your way. Though, it takes strength and spiritual maturity to ask the question:

“Is there something for me to learn here about myself and life in general? Is it possible that this situation, as painful as it is, offers the wisdom I might need to experience even better things because I am in a place to properly receive them?”

Faith has enabled me to trust my innate intelligence and allow the unknown to teach me some valuable lessons.

If I were to have insisted that things go my way, I would have never learned to trust in the nature of things outside of my immediate awareness. The gift I have received has been one of maturity, compassion and an understanding of how certain characteristics within me have caused my own limitations.

This is what it means to have faith.

It’s knowing that while things may appear to be a certain way, everything moves and changes, and the arrangement of things can go in accordance with how we choose to observe our circumstances.

I am here now, eagerly sharing this message with you because I have allowed faith to guide me when my plans didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I know there is a gift hidden in everything we experience, and we’ll find out what that is if we allow life to communicate with us.

Faith has been the sweet, soothing cup of hot chocolate on a frigid, snowy day. It has been the light in my darkest days — even when that light felt as though it was miles away.

Some pretty amazing things are taking place for me right now, and it’s only because I have allowed myself to practice faith.

I can only give away that which I have, so by keeping the faith, I can offer this to others in a world filled with seeming uncertainty.

And this, to me, is priceless.