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Heartwarming video shows another side of Santa (WATCH)

The festive season is a time for giving and creating beautiful memories with those we love. For little children, a big part of it is all about Santa.

And one Santa made a little girl’s wishes come true when he connected with her in a very special way.

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There’s a heartwarming video making its way around the Internet, and this Father Christmas deserves a medal. The YouTube clip begins with an Irish child sitting on Santa’s lap in the middle of a shopping centre, and her mum can be overheard saying, “Sorry, she can’t talk very well”.

Instead of smiling and moving on to the next child, this particularly special Santa replied, “Can she sign at all?”

What happens next is beautiful…

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The little girl lights up when Santa engages in conversation with her in sign language, and the pair talk for several seconds. The clip, uploaded by Mashup Mark, is short, but it’s a great reminder to all of us of how we should all strive to be every day: tolerant, understanding and compassionate.

For more, watch the video below.

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We know Santa is busy all year-round, learning all sorts of different languages when he visits the children of the world, and we’re glad sign language is one of them.

Is this the best video you’ve seen all day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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