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One woman’s makeup mirror almost burned down her house

We’ve all heard the same warnings about makeup.

Don’t share mascara because it might cause infection. Watch out for allergic reactions.

These are important things to be aware of, but one woman has a warning for every makeup lover out there — and it’s likely something you’ve never thought of before.

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“If any of you do your makeup in a little mirror in front of the window like I do, stash it away when you’re done,” Kasey Ault wrote on Facebook Dec. 1. “I just came home to a house full of smoke and found clear evidence of a fire on my desk.”

The reason: She believes her makeup mirror reflected the sunlight off the magnified side. “I’m extremely lucky the fire didn’t reach the battery of my iPad, my wooden desk, my laundry basket next to my desk,” she continued. It miraculously was somehow contained. I had my sweet chihuahua asleep in that room, along with my other three dogs and five cats in the house. I could have lost them all.”

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Though it’s not common, fires resulting from makeup mirrors have happened before. Earlier this year, a British couple’s mansion was gutted after a makeup mirror reflected the light. “Cases of reflected light triggering fires in homes are rare, however we would urge the public to be aware of the potential danger of reflective surfaces intensifying the sun’s rays,” a rep for the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service told the Daily Mail in February.

It’s most likely to happen in the winter months because the “low-lying sun can shine on fixed surfaces for a prolonged period.” So while it probably won’t happen to you, it’s better safe than sorry. Just stick your mirror in the drawer when you’re done applying your makeup.

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