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6 Ways to successfully adjust to a new city

Sarah Pike

Congratulations! You landed a job in a new city. Relocating for a new job is a big step, inspiring a combination of fear, excitement and anxiety. You’ll be working in a new position with new people in a new city, living in a new home. As overwhelming as this is, moving is an adventure worth taking and, with the help of a six simple tips, you can make your transition successful.

1. Research ahead of time

If you have some time before your move, take a crash course in your new city. Use Google Maps to familiarize yourself with the area around your office building. Before choosing an apartment, research neighborhoods that fit your budget and style. Take into consideration the noise, location and demographics of the community. Read about the culture and popular activities the locals enjoy, including any famous restaurants, bars, sports, or landmarks. Before you pack, look at weather patterns so you know what type of clothing you’ll need throughout the year. Along with some intensive Internet research, download a few essential apps that make moving easier so you are prepared once you arrive in your new city.

2. Become the queen of organization

Organization is key for a successful move and transition to a new city. Before you move, make a thorough to-do list of everything you’re packing and bringing with you and what you need to accomplish once you arrive, such as turning on your utilities and updating your address for credit cards and mail. As there’s nothing worse than a million cardboard boxes piled to the ceiling in your new place, make unpacking easier by color coding and numbering boxes. For example, mark each box for the kitchen with blue or number your clothing boxes based on item, type or season.

3. Set up your home essentials

It’s intimidating starting a new job in an unfamiliar city. For the first few months, your home will be your security blanket. When you arrive at your new place, research your local Internet providers to determine your options and establish any other services you want, such as cable or streaming services. Decorate your new place with a few treasured items from home, including pictures, blankets and other mementos.

4. Embrace the tourist cap

Just because you now live in a new city doesn’t mean you immediately become a local. Put on your tourist cap and explore the city as if you were a visitor. Take a guided city tour, try out different public-transportation options and visit the tourist attractions. Spending a few weeks as a tourist helps you grasp the lay of the land and learn about the unique qualities of your new hometown.

5. Ask questions

Teachers always tell you that the only way to find out the answer is to ask. The same is true when you’re adjusting to a new city. Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers, neighbors or even your mailman for recommendations, tips and advice. They can direct you to the best coffee shops, the fastest bus routes, and the cheapest lunch spots you may not have found on your own. If they are transplants, they can share their insights on how they adjusted to the city. Sometimes a simple swap of embarrassing or horrifying moving stories can remind you that you’re not the only one who feels like fish out of water in a new city.

6. Build a new network

You may never replace your friends from home, but you still need to build a support system in your new city. Once we’re out of college, it can be difficult finding new friends. The best places to start searching are at work and in organizations. Use Meetup and other online services to find people and groups that share your interests, whether you enjoy knitting over a glass of wine or training for a marathon. As you build a new network, you’ll feel more at home in your new city.

Relocating for a job is an amazing opportunity, whether you stay for one year or make your new city your forever home. You’ll grow, learn new things about yourself, and treasure your experiences years down the road. With these six tips and a dash of confidence, you are ready to take on a new job and a new city!

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