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If you’re planning to cry and eat bread this New Year’s you’re not alone

Yes, it’s party season, but for some people the best kind of party is one with “pity” in front of it. And what says “pity” more than crying and eating?

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We can’t all be party animals, after all. Such as Ontario college student Sam Foran, whose New Year’s Eve will consist of “crying and eating bread” by himself on the floor.

If this doesn’t sound like the ideal way to see in 2016… well, no less than 36,000 other people plan to join Foran (in spirit, presumably) for some end of year weeping and bread-munching.

The bizarre event came about after Foran created a joke Facebook page, “Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor,” in an attempt to come up with the loneliest-sounding name imaginable.

“I like crying. I like eating bread. I like being by myself. I like lying on the floor. I thought I would combine all four into one epic night of self pity and regret,” the fourth-year biology major posted, adding that the event would take place on his bedroom floor and was strictly BYOB (bring your own bread).

Despite not inviting anyone to the event — which would, of course, defeat the purpose of spending the evening by himself — around 36,000 people have RSVPd “yes” and another 38,000 or so are still considering ditching the family party to eat some chunks of tear-soaked baguette.

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According to The Daily Beast, Foran was simply trying to copy a Facebook event called “Dropping out of school to become a potato,” one of many fake Facebook events based on amusing ideas or clever musings on human existence.

“I’ve never been very good at Facebook or anything like that,” he said. “I’ve never really posted a lot before until now.”

He revealed that he toyed with the idea of deleting the event, admitting that, “honest to God, the whole thing is kind of stupid.”

However it turns out that even the most stupid of Facebook ideas can do some good. Foran has announced that “Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor” is now officially supporting Action Against Hunger.

“I just want to say that this was never my intention when I created the event, I never thought this would receive so much attention,” he posted on Thursday. “Between the amount of people invited, interested, and going to this event, there are over 100k of us. Imagine if each of us could donate a dollar ?#?breadforall?.”

It looks like Foran’s New Year’s Eve is going to be rather more eventful than he thought.

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