‘Real-life Rapunzels’ have never had haircuts… and they don’t plan to

This family of long-haired ladies gives us some serious #hairgoals.

Why? These real-life Rapunzels have never cut their hair… ever.

It all started with 43-year-old Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell. The Illinois native has never cut her hair, which now measures in at 74 inches, and her decision to keep it long was influenced by her husband, Chip. He loves her long strands — and so does she — and so they’ve carried the tradition onto their three children. Daughter Callan’s hair measures in at 37 inches, while Cendalyn’s is 36 inches and Chesney’s is 27 inches.

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Each woman has a full, healthy-looking head of hair. We don’t know what kind of magic potion they’re drinking to keep it so healthy, but they do admit that it requires a ton of upkeep with each girl using at least a quarter bottle of conditioner each time they get in the shower. And while the three girls do wash their hair, Tera doesn’t because there’s just too much there to deal with.

“I tried that once several years ago and my hair got so heavy with all of the water I landed on the shower floor,” she told Barcroft TV.

The foursome even competes at long-hair competitions each year at the Illinois State Fair. Naturally, they always bring home the blue ribbons.

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It’s not surprising that none of them have visited a beauty salon. However, the brains behind Barcroft took them to their first salon visit in a not-so-subtle attempt to get them to chop some hair off for the camera. They weren’t having it, but Tera said she’s not going to stop her daughters from making their own decisions about their strands… when the time is right.

“It’s not going to be my decision, it’s going to be theirs,” she said. “But I want them to be mature enough to make that decision for themselves.”

In the mean time we have a request, ladies: Please write a book on hair care, because it seems like our hair never grows. We need the secrets!

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