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Spanish hairdresser cuts hair using swords, lighters

You might not want to watch this if you get nervous about large, sharp objects (or things that light on fire).

A Spanish hairdresser says he doesn’t use the traditional scissors to cut his clients’ hair. Instead, he goes all Edward Scissorhands with swords.

Yes, seriously.

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“Hairstylists always cut one side and then the other,” Madrid-based stylist Alberto Olmedo says in the video published by AJ+. “And one side is always a bit different from the other… even if it is only a little bit.”

The only way to get it perfect in a “mathematical” way, he says, is by cutting both sides at the same time. And it looks absolutely insane. He uses samurai swords and odd fingertip knives (like Scissorhands) to cut hair — and he also singes off split ends using a blowtorch that gets up to 1,300 degrees C, a common technique used in some countries.

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It takes a whole lot of trust to let someone sway four-foot swords near your head, but it seems like Olmedo has dedicated clients, even if the final styles he creates aren’t all that noteworthy. And, believe it or not, YouTube is full of videos of other stylists using swords to cut hair.

“Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination to get positive results,” he says in the video. We know it’s just hair and it’ll grow back, but we’ll take his word for it and hope his techniques don’t catch on over here.

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