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Secret Santa gift ideas that’ll make you the hit of the party

Getting a great Secret Santa present is imperative at any exchange. Not only do you want the person you got matched up with to love their present, but it’s also fun to be the one at the party who gifted the best goods.

Things can get tricky, however, when friends and co-workers give you a $30 spending limit — which is usually the case. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t purchase an amazing gift that will have everyone at the exchange hoping you’re their Secret Santa next year!

1. Kate Spade “Let’s do Lunch” business card holder

Image: Kate Spade

I love this business card holder for co-workers because even though we live in a digital world, everyone still carries around business cards. It’s perfect for someone you know really well — or barely at all. (Kate Spade, $20)

2. Contigo travel mug

Image: Go Contigo

Everyone likes to take their coffee on the go, but not all travel mugs are created equal. This Contigo travel mug will keep your beverages hot for hours, and it has a spill-proof lid and is easy to clean — music to a commuter’s ears. (Contigo, $8)

3. FrostGuard windshield cover

Image: QVC

If you live in a cold, snowy climate, the FrostGuard windshield cover is perfect. Your co-worker won’t show up to work cranky anymore because he had to clean snow from his windshield in the cold. (QVC, $30)

4. Handbag Raincoat

Image: Handbag Raincoat

Know someone with a nice bag that hates the thought of it getting ruined in the rain? This handbag raincoat is the perfect gift to protect her favorite purse. (Handbag Raincoat, $25)

5. Grass accessory holder

Image: Office Playground

This little accessory holder is perfect for the co-worker who can never find their phone or a pen. Adorable, functional and brings a little green into the office. (Office Playground, $12)

6. Beef jerky set

Image: Three Jerks

Beef jerky is delicious. If you don’t know what to get someone, how about this three-pack of Three Jerks beef jerky made from filet mignon. They were featured on Shark Tank — and got a deal — so you know it’s good. (Three Jerks, $29)

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