Ontario exam question is the most hilarious & absurd one we’ve seen (PHOTO)

Most of us have been in a situation where we find ourselves staring at an exam paper and thinking, “What the heck is the answer to this question?” But in this case the answer truly is impossible.

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The tricky question has been making its way around the Internet because of the major confusion it’s causing.

It’s number 38 of a sound recording test, which is reportedly part of a film degree at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, Mirror reports. The question reads, “What is a Microphone?” and the options are “True” and “False.” Er, what?

Hilarious unanswerable question amuses the Internet
Image: Esperagon / Imgur

This was clearly a mistake in the test, because microphones are not false — they’re acoustic-to-electric transducers (and we have them to thank for being able to actually hear 5 Seconds of Summer and other cool bands).

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On Tuesday, a screenshot of the test was shared on Reddit via Imgur by user Esperagon, and they provided a bit of background to go with it, writing, “I am a film student. This was a question on my sound recording test.”

Reactions to the post have been almost as brilliant as the unanswerable question and include one from user alex655321, who wrote, “I went to film school, so this shit makes me laugh a lot. I got a degree for watching movies for 3 years.”

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Other comments include, “438% chance Jaden Smith wrote that question,” “False: What is NOT a Microphone, What is a pronoun” and “A miserable little pile of secrets? Wait… no, that doesn’t sound quite right.”

Oh Internet (and Sheridan College), you have made us LOL once again!


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