Russian makeup artist sparks intense backlash over her dead fish creations

There are a lot of weird makeup trends out there. But wearing dead creatures on your face? Well, that’s when art becomes absurdity.

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Russian makeup artist Elya Bulochka from Moscow has been making headlines recently for her controversial makeup looks, which involve dead fish. This week, Bulochka took to Instagram to share her creations with a series of pictures — one shows a model wearing a dead angel fish on her cheek, and another shot shows a model with water and foam, along with several dead neon fish arranged across her face.

And that’s not all — there’s also an image which uses silver sardine-type fish, which accompany a large silver gash.

Not surprisingly, Bulochka’s work has sparked controversy among fans and critics alike, some of whom have made their views clear in the comments section of the posts. Comments include one from alicemaudd who wrote, “moronic, disrespectful and disgusting. i won’t comment on the merits of you ‘art’ (think it takes a little more than sticking a bunch of shite to yourself tbh) but it’s absolutely abominable that you think such behaviour is acceptable. shameful. [sic]”

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stephaniescotland was another who was clearly enraged by the use of fish in Bulochka’s creations, commenting, “This is so outrageous. There is nothing artistic about this. Yes, people eat meat but that is a part of life — NOT GOING HUNGRY!!! I can’t believe you killed animals and stuck it on your f**ing face. You just wasted life. Disgusting.”

Bulochka’s Instagram page, which has 25,500 fans, describes her art as “too beautiful for this planet,” however not everyone agrees.

lucyferrr wrote, “This is so so vulgar. It’s not even a good concept to justify killing those little guys. You have a super over inflated opinion of your ability. Utterly tacky. [sic]”

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Do you think what she’s doing is avant-garde? Let us know your thoughts on this makeup look in the comments below.

Update: Since publication of this article Bulochka appears to have deleted her Instagram account.


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