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Two creepy life-size Victorian dolls are spooking Londoners (WATCH)

You might think standard-size Victorian dolls are creepy enough. Now imagine they are the size of real people and standing behind you as you wait patiently for your Circle Line train.

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Because that really could happen in London this week. It’s all part of the launch of the “world’s first psychological theme park attraction,” due to open at Thorpe Park Resort in 2016.

The two life-size Victorian-style dolls are giving London commuters the chills in tourist attractions and Underground stations all over the city, presumably to give them a taste of what to expect from “Master of Manipulation” Derren Brown’s new theme park ride. Set to open in March it promises visitors a 13-minute “immersive psychological attraction” designed to “manipulate the human mind.”

According to Metro, the 4 feet 7 inch high “living dolls” were played by two models, both of whom spent more than three hours being transformed by a top team of stylists, costume designers, makeup artists and dressers.

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These chicks are seriously creepy and must have caused quite a stir playing with a toy train set at Hamleys and pushing an empty antique pram along Tube platforms.

“The theme of Victoriana is ever present in my work and you will see glimpses of this in my new attraction,” said Brown. “I believe we are moving toward a future where theme park attractions not only give you a physical experience but also play with your mind and the concept of what is real.”

Find out more about Derren Brown’s new Thorpe Park Resort experience here.

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