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12 Tail-waggingly great gifts for the senior dog

For the pup that’s seen his or her fair share of holidays over the years, here are some helpful and useful gift ideas to make sure your senior dog continues to have the healthy, comfortable and happy holiday that they deserve.

For the senior dog that appreciates a cozy, comfortable Christmas…

1. PupSTEP+Plus pet stairs

Image: Solvit Products

‘Twas the night before Christmas… and you weren’t cuddling with your dog? Luckily, the PupSTEP+Plus pet stairs are an attractive and affordable way to help your senior pets get to their favorite places. The modern style blends well with any decor and is the ideal size for easy access to couches or beds. The lightweight stairs support over 120 pounds, and there is no assembly required. (Solvit, $60)

2. Sealy dog bed

Image: Go Dog Beds

While visions of dog treats and tennis balls dance through your senior dog’s head, it’s crucial that they are getting the comfort and support their joints and muscles need when resting. Featuring “Quad Layer Technology,” the Sealy dog bed includes a cooling energy gel which absorbs stress on joints and cools dogs for comfort; PetRest memory foam to help increase circulation by conforming to a pet’s body shape; a bio-green orthopedic foam layer to help maintain natural weight distribution; and an HD charcoal base, providing support and absorbing any odor. Additionally, it has a nonslip bottom, washable covers, waterproof internal liner and no exposed zippers. The Sealy dog bed is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and a variety of color combinations. (Go Dog Beds, starting at $100)

3. The Kong EZ Soft Collar

Image: Kong

If your senior dog is recovering over the holidays, consider the Kong EZ Soft Collar. Ideal for injuries, rashes and post-surgery, this collar is constructed from pliable fabric that allows your small dog to recovery more comfortably. It’s available in extra-small and small. (Kong, $6)

4. FetchFuel

Image: Presidio PET

As your dog ages, health issues may arise, including deterioration of his or her skin and coat, loss of muscle mass, more frequent intestinal problems, arthritis, obesity, dental problems, decreased ability to fight off infection and more. Some of the negative effects that come with aging simply can’t be avoided, but some can through nutrition. Unfortunately, today’s dog foods can fall short on delivering enough nutrients to support a senior dog’s joints and hips, as well as its skin and coat. That’s where PresidioPet comes in.

PresidioPet is the easiest way to give much-needed nutrition and supplements — including glucosamine, omega-3-6-9 and additional vitamins and minerals — on a daily basis to your senior dog. FetchFuel is packed with high-quality, human-grade ingredients that help support a dog’s overall health, and it’s so easy to give to your dog. Simply squeeze the tasty, savory sauce on your dog’s food each day, and you’ll start to see improvements in their skin and coat, mobility, energy and more. You’ll also notice a resurgence of your senior dog’s appetite, which is so important. (Presidio Pet, $30)

5. StarWalk

Is your senior dog getting enough activity throughout the day? Track it with StarWalk! The lightweight StarWalk device attaches to any dog’s collar and works for dogs of all sizes. Once synced with the free downloadable app, StarWalk uses an advanced accelerometer that measures a dog’s steps, activity levels and calories burned. Pet owners can set fitness goals for their dogs via the StarWalk app. The dog’s progress for that day is displayed on the device’s illuminated bars — once all bars are illuminated then the fitness goal has been completed. Another useful feature of StarWalk is the illuminated LED StarLight lighting system with changeable colors, which helps to brighten nighttime walks and increases a dog’s visibility to others in the dark. (IQ Pet, $80)

6. Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray

Image: Wondercide

Winter weather can be dry and irritating on a dog’s skin — including our senior dogs. Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray is the perfect remedy: It helps relieve itchy, irritated skin, hot spots and skin allergies. Plus, this product is so versatile that people can use it, too. Made with healing Neem oil, Wondercide’s Skin Tonic Spray provides quick comfort, contains no artificial fragrances and is all natural. (Wondercide, $17)

7. The Kurgo Wander dog ramp

Image: Kurgo

Planning on taking your senior pup on a holiday hike or trip? Consider the Kurgo dog ramp to help your pup in and out of the car. This ramp is designed to be a low-stress entry point for your pets, no matter what their age or physical condition. The gentle incline and nonslip surface make it as easy as walking up a slight hill, and the foldable, lightweight design means you can transport and store it with ease. (Kurgo, $100)

8. Pawz Dog Boots

Image: Pawz Dog Boots

While walking in a winter wonderland with your senior dog sounds like the ultimate holiday treat, it’s important to make sure your pup’s paws are protected! For senior pups who need some extra protection or whose hind limbs splay out when they’re trying to get their bearings on slippery floors, booties are best. Pawz Dog Boots are made of biodegradable, reusable rubber and offered in six colors.

Like a sock, Pawz moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. And imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again! Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times. (Pawz Dog Boots, starting at $12)

9. GingerLead dog support

Image: Senior Doggy

Just because our dogs are aging, doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy getting out and enjoying the holiday cheer! That’s why the GingerLead is a great solution to help older dogs walk. The soft padded belly sling with a leash and handle helps dogs with weak hind legs walk. Ideal for dogs recovering from knee or hip surgery; suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating ailments; or older dogs needing some assistance getting around. The GingerLead sling has a soft inner lining where it comes into contact with your dog’s skin or fur and a durable exterior. (Senior Doggy, starts at $10)

10. Activ4Pets

Image: Activ 4 Pets

Activ4Pets empowers pet owners to become more responsible and engaged in the overall health and well-being of their pets. The user-friendly online and app platform minimizes uncertainty and guesswork associated with a pet’s veterinary history, providing the safest and most reliable option for managing a pet’s health. With Activ4Pets, pet owners can manage and update all of their pets’ health records, consult with their veterinarian online or on the go, obtain expert second opinions through their veterinarian’s network of specialists, set medication reminders and more. (Activ4Pets, free)

11. Pets Best insurance

Image: Pets Best

Give the gift of protection this year with a pet health insurance plan. Every pet should have pet insurance, and Pets Best health insurance is one of the only pet insurance companies that offer no upper limit for coverage for senior pets, making it the best option for older dogs in particular. Their Accident Only plan is unique in that it still allows for coverage for potential injuries and accidents that can occur, especially as our dogs age. With plans starting as low as $8 per month, Pets Best gives pet owners affordable peace of mind by taking the financial worry out of owning a pet, so pet owners can make the best decisions for their animals. (Pets Best, starts at $8)

12. Guardian Dog survival Kit

Image: Senior Doggy

No matter what weather winter might bring your way, make sure you and your pup are prepared! This dog survival kit gives you and your dog all the necessary items if you are ever forced to evacuate or find yourself in any type of disaster. The kit contains useful items, such as: emergency food, water purification tablets, emergency bright sticks, a 47-piece first aid kit, hand warmers, dog toys, pet waste bags and a reflective dog vest. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog will be safe and comfortable. (Senior Doggy, $60)

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