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5 Gifts to celebrate little girls’ natural hair

Tiffany Perkins

Christmas is fast approaching, which means there’s not much time left to shop. If you haven’t found the perfect gift for that little curly girl in your life, don’t worry. I’ve got five amazing gift ideas guaranteed to knock her socks off.

1. Healthy Roots dolls

Healthy Roots
Image: Healthy Roots

Every woman can remember her favorite doll. Healthy Roots dolls are made by a new company empowering young girls to grow into being believers. Their mission is to educate girls and their mothers about the joys and beauty of natural hair. Each girl comes with a different skin tone, facial features and hair texture to accurately represent the diversity of the world. Bonus: Each doll has a storybook featuring bright characters that teach hair care and tell different hair journeys. (Healthy Roots via Kickstarter, $65)

2. Natural hair books

WIld, wiild hair
Image: Amazon

Representation is more than important when it comes to making young girls feel confident and proud. Empower your little princess with books featuring characters who look like and have hair like her. Some of my favorites are:

3. The two-in-one

Happy hair
Image: Happy Hair Shop

When Baby Girl needs representation and a friend for the lonely hour, this Happy Hair book set should definitely be your pick. The set includes a book, doll and poster all supporting and beautifying natural hair. (Happy Hair Shop, $35)

4. Natural hair apparel

Image: Miss Zee

Miss Zee has everything from stationery to T-shirts to accessories. Send your little diva back to school with this Heart School backpack, rocking her fro and representing her squad. (Miss Zee, $22)

5. Natural hair art

Image: Airel Brands

I love sharing Ariel’s images on my Instagram because they are inspiring to anyone on a natural hair journey. Inspire your little naturalista with this beautiful black ballerina print in her room, play area or bathroom. (Ariel Brands, $25)

I hope these gift ideas help you bring a little joy to the girls closest to you.

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