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Mass shooting reported at California center for people with disabilities

It’s the last reason residents of any city want to be trending on Twitter. The social media site has been taken over this afternoon with anguished tweets over a breaking story: another mass shooting, this time in San Bernardino, California.

Although victim numbers are not yet confirmed, according to San Bernardino firemen, they were called to report to a 20-victim shooting incident. The situation is still unfolding, but here’s the information we have so far:
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Reports that there might be multiple shooters immediately surfaced, and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department responded with confirmation that the police were looking for one to as many as three shooters:

Onlookers quickly posted photos of the responders:

Reports identified the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves individuals with developmental disabilities, as the spot where the shooting occurred, and while their site is down, a Facebook page for the center revealed heartbreaking photos of the people it serves:

Reporters were quick to put out calls for people who work there to contact them:

And shocked relatives of people inside the center shared heartbreaking text messages:

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Meanwhile politicians in the area called for people to stay home and stay locked indoors:

And the politics of gun control were played out in tweets from both sides of the political aisle:

On one thing, everyone agrees:

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