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How I successfully went from a corporate job to work-at-home mom

Have you ever had that feeling where you knew your world was about to turn upside down? That feeling was heavy in April, 2015 as I gave birth to my third little girl.

I was about to have three little ones all under the age of four. I was facing a huge decision and one I knew would shake my entire family to its core. As I calculated the cost of daycare, I watched my corporate career flash before my eyes. I have an MBA, and my intention was always to move up the corporate ladder. We had positioned ourselves as a dual income family. We have student loan debt and a mortgage, but more importantly, I wanted to work.

As I struggled to figure out a solution, I realized the struggle wasn’t because I needed a solution. I was struggling because I had my answer. I always knew I wanted to try something different but my path was always laid out in front of me. Leaving the corporate did not mean I would no longer be working. It meant I had the opportunity to create something myself.

I quickly formulated a plan and started creating my business, but the transition period was tough. I was constantly planning and replanning my days and found I was trying to put too much into my work days. I was planning like I was still at a corporate job.

I also began to struggle with the idea that I was on lockdown at my house. I started to live in the mindset of scarcity instead of abundance. I had this amazing opportunity to create my business around my life, but I was living in fear. This fear was keeping me from the abundance that was right in front of me.

Having my mindset in the right place is huge! Not only being open to success but changing what I knew. I had to rethink how I solved problems. “Wait, I can create a process that would flow, be efficient, and is effective!?” Why yes I can, because I am the boss!

I had to retrain my thought process on taking time off. I no longer need to request it, but I have to plan it. I also make it a priority because I want to avoid burnout and I needed out of the house.

I designed a schedule and enrolled my husband to help. This decision was the best thing I could do for both my business and my personal life. Of course there is crossover; my kids know mommy is in the office. However, by controlling my schedule I can stop feeling overwhelmed and can create space for any interruptions. During my working hours, I block off time for specific activities like client calls and marketing. I create family time by blocking off time to be with them.

Being an entrepreneur and a work at home mom the job is never really done. This mindset could have easily thrown my new found schedule out the window, but I correct course by only doing three things a day. Anything else gets delegated or gets forgotten, and this allows me to focus on what needs to be done and still be with my family. This was hard to implement but was a needed strategy to help create and maintain balance.

2015 was a hard year with major changes — changes I never imagined. I have learned that there is no security unless I make it myself.

I have learned that there is always a solution and to use my intuition.

My biggest takeaway from this year is to set boundaries and keep them. I set boundaries in how I work, the schedule I keep and my to-do list.

Did you have any major shifts in 2015?

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