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10 Electronic gifts for the technology geek who has it all

6. Automatic Bluetooth Car Reader

Image: Automatic

This nifty device gives you your car info at your fingertips: fuel efficiency, troubleshooting and it can even help you find your car if you lost it in a parking lot — not that that’s ever happened to that technology geek on your gift-giving list. Just use the app on your phone and everything you ever wanted to know about your car is right there. (Automatic, $100)

7. Dual probe grilling thermometer

Probe thermometer
Image: Amazon

… With a wireless monitor! Just stick it into your meat and walk away. No need to stand over the grill to be grilling like a pro. Who knows? You might even get some gaming done while you wait. (Amazon, $70)

8. Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers
Image: Amazon

This speaker is water-resistant, shock-resistant, connects to your devices via Bluetooth and is just the right size for carrying along anywhere. Basically, it’s awesome. For a wireless speaker, it’s pretty inexpensive. I should also add that it’s beach-proof and kid-proof. My entire family enjoys this speaker, and it’s held up so well to all the use. (Amazon, $40)

9. Mini quadcopter

Image: Amazon

Want a quadcopter but need something inexpensive? Give this one a try. It’s tiny and oh so fun. Get a couple and have your own quadcopter war! (Amazon, $17)

10. Wireless earbuds

Image: Amazon

No technology gift list is complete without headphones. These are inexpensive, come in several different colors and are lightweight for easy on-the-go use. (Amazon, $18)

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