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10 Electronic gifts for the technology geek who has it all

We all have those people in our lives — you know, the ones who want more electronics, but they already have so many you just don’t know where to begin. I consulted with my “technology geek” — I am married to him after all. Here are his top 10 must-have tech items.

These items range from hundreds of dollars to under $20. No matter what your budget, you’ll find something that’s sure to be a hit with that person on your list who just can’t get enough electronics.

1. Xbox One 1TB Elite

Xbox one 1tb elite
Image: Amazon

So, for all you non-tech people out there, your first question is going to be: “Why is ‘1TB Elite’ important?” For the serious gamer, 500 gigabytes just isn’t enough space. You have to have 1TB. Really, this Xbox One 1TB Elite is only $100 more than the 500-gigabyte version. You’re already spending a lot, so go ahead and get the best thing out there! (Amazon, $495)

I know the Xbox One was the hot thing last year, but we waited. Why, you ask? Because my technology geek wasn’t about to purchase the first version without good backward compatibility — it’s still important to be able to play that stack of Xbox 360 games on his shelf. This year, all the kinks are worked out and the Xbox One is still a hot item.

2. Kinect for Xbox One

Image: Amazon

You just bought the Xbox One, now you need the Kinect for all those dance parties I know you’re going to have. Actually, I love the Kinect, and the kids love it just as much as I do. Your technology geek really wants this for all those active games he’s planning to play. He’ll be so happy you bought it for him, and so will you. (Amazon, $124)

3. Microsoft Band

Image: Microsoft

You just have to get one of these. Go to the Microsoft store and have them measure your arm so you get just the right fit. It’s a fitness band and it runs your productivity apps. It doesn’t get much better than this. (Microsoft, $250)

4. Quadcopter drone

Image: Amazon

Quadcopters are so fun and easy to fly! You can do all sorts of stunts and feel like a pro within minutes of taking it out of the box. (Amazon, $150)

5. Roku 4 media player

Media Player
Image: Amazon

It’s got 2,500 streaming channels. Need I say more? There’s so much to watch, and so little time. Just plug it into your TV and you’re off. (Amazon, $129

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