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6 Last-minute gifts for international travelers

If you have a friend who is always hopping to a new and exciting destination, there’s no better holiday gift than something travel related. Just coming back from a three-week, three-destination getaway myself, I am very familiar with the little things that travel enthusiasts need in their lives. The best part is that most of these things are easy and pretty efficient to get!

1. Compression socks

Image: Amazon

For those who take long-haul flights, I always recommend compression socks to minimize ankle swelling and maximize general comfort. My favorite brand is Sockwell, which has a variety of socks in fun colors in their Circulator Compression Socks. (Amazon, $19)

2. Travel pillow

Image: Amazon

I fully believe that neck-support pillows have saved my life on certain flights, especially when I’ve gotten the dreaded middle seat! I was against them for awhile, until I purchased a foldable memory foam pillow. It’s easy to store and very comfortable. (Amazon, $25)

3. Underwater camera

Image: Sony

Anyone who takes frequent beach vacations needs a waterproof camera. While most people rely on their cell phones for pictures, it does not help when trying to take the perfect snorkeling shot. My favorite? The Sony Cyber-shot. (Sony, $230)

4. Selfie stick

Image: Amazon

For the out-of-water shots, a selfie stick can always come in handy. And while it seems like nearly everyone has one, extras are always useful too. I recently bought a bulk order from Amazon as a part of my wedding welcome bag and everyone had a great time capturing various moments around the day. (Amazon, $6)

5. Fun travel shirt

Image: ASOS

I always pack strategically for trips. And when it comes to travel days, I usually go for a travel themed T-shirt to make it a little more fun. My latest favorite find is my “Wanderlust” shirt from ASOS. It’s running low in stock, but it usually has fun similar shirts, like a Room Service printed tee, that make perfect gifts for frequent travelers. (ASOS, $40)

6. Money in the currency of destination

A super easy and yet helpful gift is giving cash in the currency of the next destination of your frequent traveler. Instead of arriving to a new place and going straight to the money exchange, they can rest easy and do it later in the trip.

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