Lip Kit by Kylie will help you get Kylie Jenner-inspired lips

Kylie Jenner has inspired a new lip trend, but this time we can actually get behind it.

Because unlike the dangerous sucking-on-a-shot-glass thing, this lip trick won’t do anything except lighten your wallet while giving you a sexy pout.

Well, if you can get your hands on it, that is.

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The 18-year-old announced the release of the Lip Kit by Kylie over the weekend. The collection includes three colors — lighter nudes Dolce K and Candy K, and True Brown — a lipstick that’s a “one swipe color that glides across lips and dries down to a powdery-soft, matte finish” and a lip liner.

The colors really do look gorgeous, but you’ll have to wait because the entire stock was sold out in minutes, maybe even seconds.

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Jenner says to “keep checking” for when it’s back in stock, but there is an easy way to recreate her fuller lips without waiting for the kits to restock or dropping big money on temporary Juvederm fillers. It’s as simple as using a lip pencil to create a lip line just outside of your natural line and then filling it in with lipstick.

And if you’re just dying to get your lips on some Kylie-approved lipstick? Enterprising fans are already selling the kits on eBay for over $100, up from the original price of $29.


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