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12 New Age gifts for your free-spirit friends

If you feel lost when your woo-woo friend starts talking about “setting her intentions,” “creating his dream board” or “letting go of the things that aren’t serving her any longer,” you’re probably also completely confused about what to give them for the holidays.

Have no fear — as a spiritual gal myself, I’ve put together a gift guide your friend will be sure to love and will feel is aligned with her soul.

1. Inspirational fashion that gives back

Image: Nova Elle

Nova Elle is a company run by women for women to serve women. They have gorgeous designs with inspirational notes, like this Lovers Gonna Love shirt, and they donate every month to organizations that help with girls’ development, safety and education all over the world. Your friend will do good for herself and help promote that #GirlsMatter. (Nova Elle, $28)

2. Yoga pants with a meaningful design

Image: JQ Loves U

At JQ Loves U, you’ll find the beautiful lotus flower on pants, onesies, tees and tanks. It’s not just a pretty flower — lotuses represent rebirth, spiritual growth, purity and enlightenment, so your friend will adore these lotus leggings. (JQ Loves You, $42)

Note: When you use the code “es2015” at checkout, you’ll get 15 percent off until Dec. 15, 2015.

3. Hair products sans detergents

Image: Shop Hair Story

New Wash from Hairstory takes out all the icky detergents from your regular shampoo and conditioners and balances every type of hair with just essential oils. Your friend can look and feel great, knowing her products are chemical-free and biodegradable. (Hairstory, $40)

4. Add to her reading collection

Big Magic
Image: Amazon

If your friend connects with creativity and loves the thrill of facing her fears, gift her Big Magic, the latest book from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love. (Amazon, $14)

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