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10 Gifts for all the different men in your life

As the holiday season quickly approaches, chances are you’re beginning to think about what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Unless they provide you with a highly detailed list (which I sometimes want to do!), it can be hard to know where to start. There are thousands of amazing products out on the market right now, which can serve as inspiration on the one hand, but also as a distraction on the other. How do you know that you’re selecting the right items?

I am creating a list for the important man in your life, with attempts to find products that would make even the pickiest man very, very happy.

1. For the techie: the new iPad Pro

Image: Apple

Apple just released its new iPad on Nov. 11. It is thin, sleek, lightweight and can be accompanied by the new Apple Pencil, which expands on the versatility of Multi-Touch, even down to a single pixel. Check out Apple for more information. (Apple, $1049)

2. For the coffee lover: Tom Dixon brew french press

East Dane
Image: East Dane

For those who love their caffeine, there is nothing better than a good quality French press brew to get the day started right. This beautifully designed French press would look stunning in any kitchen. (East Dane, $255)

3. For the meat lover: DIY beef jerky

Image: Fleishers

Beef jerky is certainly a staple in any meat-lovers diet. This über-fun kit allows for the making of their very own beef jerky at home. You can purchase it (along with other meat-related gift ideas) at Fleishers Craft Butchery. (Fleishers Craft Butchery, $29)

4. For the dapper man/James Bond lover: Danner black boots

Image: Danner

Not only did Daniel Craig wear these boots in the latest James Bond film, but they are also beautiful crafted, gorgeous to look at and will actually protect you in bad winter weather. You can check them out at Mountain Light II. (Danner, $488)

5. For the avid cyclist: the Velo Sock

Image: Velo

There is nothing worse than trekking dirt and mud into your home after an amazing bit of cycling through the trails. The Velo Sock is the answer to all your bicycle-dirt-related problems! Check out all the different patterns. (Velo, $62)

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