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10 Gifts for all the women on your holiday lists

6. For the avid traveller: the CFX Tumi carry-on

Image: Tumi

Albeit slightly pricier than your average piece of carry-on luggage, this pint-sized suitcase is sure to last your lucky lady many years to come. Not only is it impressive to look at, it is made from carbon fiber and yet is still soft and flexible. This piece truly cannot be beat! (Tumi, $2,245)

7. For the artist: the 3Doodler 3D printing pen

The 3 Doodler
Image: The 3 Doodler

This could very well be applicable to the technology-lover as well! This unique, state-of-the-art “pen” allows the user to bring 3D printing into their home for a very reasonable price! Create candleholders, figurines and even picture frames using this incredible pen. (The 3 Doodler, $133)

8. For the hostess: multi-bottle wine chiller

Image: Gifts

This is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to host parties! Not only does this beautiful stainless steel chiller hold up to three bottles of wine, it is also customizable — up to 18 characters! This beautiful chiller is bound to look fantastic in any room of the house. (Gifts, $132)

9. For the health fanatic: Women’s Health magazine subscription

Women's Health magazine
Image: Women’s Health magazine

Around since 2004, Women’s Health magazine is a trusted source of all sorts of information regarding, well, women’s health — including (but not limited to) nutrition, fitness, sex and lifestyle. A subscription to this magazine would not only provide fantastic knowledge to the reader, but is also the gift that keeps on giving! You can also buy a digital subscription, which she can read on her new Kobo Aura H2O! (Women’s Health Magazine, $11.97)

10. For the jewelry lover: Tiffany knot pendant

Tiffany's & Co.
Image: Tiffany’s & Co.

There is almost nothing better than someone handing you a teal bag during the holidays! This beautiful pendant from Tiffany’s is fairly affordable at under $200, and is timeless and elegant. You can check it out here. (Tiffany & Co., $180)

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