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10 Awesome holiday gifts for teens

Buying gifts for others can sometimes be a struggle, especially when you’re trying to buy for (often) picky teenagers! I’ve attempted to ease the pain by offering you a curated gift guide for the teen in your life. I’ve selected gifts that are gender-neutral and that any teen would be overjoyed to received as a present during this holiday season.

1. For the technology lover: HTC Re camera

Image: HTC

This super cool, easy to use camera lets the user focus on being in the moment rather than looking at a screen while capturing a moment. The camera shoots wide-angle pics and streams everything to the user’s smartphone! Guaranteed to be the life of the party!  (HTC, $259)

2. For the health nut: Fitbit Flex

Image: Fitbit

Fun and fashionable, this Fitbit is a device that can be worn on a daily basis and tracks the wearer’s activities — including steps taken, calories burned and active minutes. It can sync wirelessly to other devices and is waterproof. Available in multiple colors, the Fitbit is sure to make any teen smile! (Fitbit, $119)

3. For the book worm: an Indigo gift card

Image: Idigo

There is certainly something to be said for opening a tangible gift; however, it is also nice to be given an option! There are so many amazing books out there for teens, young and old. Books tend to be a very personal gift, so give them the gift of choice this season! You can buy gift cards in-store at any Indigo location or online. (Indigo, prices vary)

4. For the avid smartphone user: touchscreen gloves

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to take off your gloves every time you need to return a text — especially for teens who are seemingly glued to their phones. These warm and stylish gloves allow you to use the screen on your smartphone without ever removing your gloves! No more frostbite! (, $19.99 – $95.00)

5. For the lounger: Cacoon hanging lounger

Image: Cacoon

This “nest” is the ultimate lounging station: the Cacoon is a hammock, a chair, a bed — whatever you want it to be! Not only is this the perfect place to chill, but it offers a safe, private space for your teen to relax in. Available in different colors, the Cacoon is sure to make any teen very, very happy. (Cacoon, $424)

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