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11 Journals to inspire everyone on your holiday list

9. A scrapbook for foodies and home chefs

Image: Anthropologie

The Food Journal inspires cooks and foodies to record their experiences, experiments and love of all things tasty. Use the journal to store notes and clippings, write down your favorite recipes, review restaurants, collect labels and other souvenirs and record your cooking experiments. Keep it in the kitchen for useful reference information on seasonal foods, flavors, cooking tips, measurements and conversions. (Anthropologie, $16)

10. A dream journal

Image: Knock Knock Stuff

Cheaper — and less nosy — than a shrink, this hand­some bedside analyst dream journal offers an easy format for recording your dreams and interpreting their signifi­cance. This journal is great for overthinkers, intellects and dreamers. D. H. Lawrence said, “I can never decide whether my dreams are the result of my thoughts, or my thoughts are the result of my dreams.” With more than 120 pages, you can record, sketch and reflect on your dreams. Keep it on a bedside table to quickly record last night’s dream. (Knock Knock, $15)

11. Floral daytime calendar

Image: Anthropologie

This 2016 calendar features monthly and weekly calendar pages, beginning with August 2015 through December 2016, and includes a section for notes and contacts, a pocket folder, ruler, inspirational quotes and more. With metallic gold accents, this calendar will help keep you on time in chic fashion. (Anthropologie, $34) 

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