Everything you need to weather-proof your dry lips

Cold weather + indoor heat = a formula for lip disaster. Ok, “disaster” is a little dramatic, but the combo definitely leaves your pout dry and flaky. Add a little post-gingerbread latte dehydration to the mix and you’ve got a full on matte-lipstick-banishing situation. Here’s how to keep your lips supple, smooth and Ruby Woo-ready all winter long.

First, establish a routine.

De-flake: Get rid of dry, flaky patches by gently exfoliating lips every few days or so. A soft toothbrush or warm washcloth will do the trick, but we find it way more fun to use a lip scrub. You can also make your own with large granule sugar and a little coconut oil.

Moisturize: Throughout the day — but particularly in the morning, at night and after exfoliating — apply a hydrating balm, oil or cream to lips to keep them moisturized. Steer clear of waxy formulas for this step, since they act as a barrier but don’t hydrate.

Protect: This is where wax-based formulas come in. After your lips are hydrated, layer on a thicker balm to seal in moisture and shield them from the elements. For added protection outdoors, choose a formula with SPF.

Re-hydrate: One of the best ways to combat dry lips is to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Even slight dehydration can lead to a flake-fest, so be sure to consume more during the winter.

Lip-savers we love

Products for dry lips
Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

1. Sara Happ Midnight Blueberry

Sara Happ Midnight Blueberry
Image: Sara Happ

The brand’s beloved lip scrub comes in an array of covetable flavors, and this blueberry one is a must-try. This set pairs it with Lip Slip, a luxe, super-moisturizing balm. (Sara Happ, $40)

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy
Image: Sephora

A triple-threat treatment: colloidal oatmeal soothes, shea butter and glycerin moisturize and dimethicone creates a smooth, primed surface for other lip products. (Sephora, $12)

3. Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair
Image: Skinceuticals

Antioxidants are a key anti-aging addition to your skin care routine, so it follows that they’d be a good thing for lips, too. This treatment helps stave off environmental damage while moisturizing and healing dry, inflamed skin. (Skinceuticals, $38)

4. eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm

eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm
Image: eos

Natural ingredients, cool, colorful packaging and an affordable price make this balm a perennial favorite. And did we mention the unique range of flavors? Pop one into your clutch and go. (eos, $4)

5. Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment

Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment
Image: Shiseido

This luxurious balm not only hydrates — it boasts anti-aging properties and plumps lips for a fuller, more youthful look. (Shiseido, $36)

6. RéVive Intensité Moisturizing Lip Balm

RéVive Intensité Moisturizing Lip Balm
Image: RéVive

The ultimate lip balm indulgence, this formula is purported to moisturize, protect and repair delicate skin. A cooling applicator tip adds an extra soothing sensation. (RéVive, $60)

7. Jack Black The Balm Squad

Jack Black The Balm Squad
Image: Jack Black

Guys shouldn’t have to suffer with dry, chapped lips either. This limited edition set features four back-by-popular-demand flavors and an antioxidant-infused, SPF 25 formula. (Jack Black, $25)

8. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Duo

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Duo
Image: Sephora

From the same people who brought us BB creams comes this advanced lip-saving duo. The shape-shifting Oil Balm transforms from a balm to an oil texture for extra hydration, while the Lipair Mint protects and soothes chapped lips. (Sephora, $18)

9. Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy
Image: Fresh

You use serum for your face — why not for lips? Layer this anti-aging serum under your other lip treatments for a smoother, more defined pout. (Fresh, $35)

10. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Image: Amazon

This is the same concept of a “sleeping mask,” but for your pout. Before going to bed, use the enclosed applicator to smooth on the pink, fruit-scented formula (it smells a bit like those scented erasers you had as a kid). You’ll wake up with soft, supple lips. (Amazon, $20)


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