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12 Relaxing gifts for the bath lover on your list

With its no-nonsense, utilitarian approach, a shower is the prosaic non-fiction of the cleansing world. But a lingering, fragrant soak? Pure poetry. Read on to discover gift ideas for the bath-appreciators on your list.

1. LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favorites

 LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favorites
Image: LUSH

Twelve colorful bombs and melts turn your bathwater into a holiday-themed paradise. Standouts include Cinders, which is infused with cinnamon oil and crackling candy for a fireside effect and Luxury Lush Pud, a foaming, lavender-scented lovely. (LUSH, $86)

2. Paul & Joe Luxurious Bath & Body Collection

Paul & Joe Luxurious Bath & Body Collection
Image: Urban Outfitters

Part of this set’s appeal lies in its display-worthy design. The packaging’s super-feminine, vintage vibe will not only dress up any vanity, but houses one of two intoxicating scents. (Urban Outfitters, $50)

3. bliss dynamic duo grapefruit + aloe soapy suds + body butter

bliss dynamic duo grapefruit + aloe soapy suds + body butter
Image: bliss

There’s nothing like a burst of citrus to leave you feeling energized. This grapefruit-scented body wash doubles as bath foam, while the body butter leaves skin incredibly soft. (bliss, $28)

4. Moroccanoil Luxurious Body Essentials

Moroccanoil Luxurious Body Essentials
Image: Moroccan Oil

Body scrubs tend to be purchased with the best of intentions, but end up relegated to the edge of the tub for eons. But the beauty in this set smells so incredible and leaves skin so smooth, it won’t go to waste. Other goodies include body butter, hand cream and the brand’s signature treatment oil, all tucked into a chic pink bag. (Moroccanoil, $78)

5. Red Flower The Complete Hammam Set

Red Flower The Complete Hammam Set
Image: Red Flower

Inspired by millennia-old Middle Eastern steam bath rituals, this set features seven steps to detoxify and relax the body. We particularly love the Orange Quince Steam Skin Mist, Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier and Cardamom Amber Oil. (Red Flower, $265)

6. Kneipp Rescue Baths

Kneipp Rescue Baths
Image: Kneipp

Perfect for the green product maven in your life, these six herbal bath oils do everything from soothe muscle aches and clear stuffed sinuses to promote sound sleep. (Kneipp, $32)

7. Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Crème Brulee Duet

Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Crème Brulee Duet
Image: Laura Mercier

Some patisserie-inspired fragrances come off cloying and artificial. This one simply smells delectable and the scent from the Souffle Body Creme lingers all day. Bonus points for the adorable honey dipper. (Laura Mercier, $45)

8. Molton Brown Holiday Bathing Treasures

Molton Brown Holiday Bathing Treasures
Image: Nordstrom

A collection of 12 fragrant body washes, from Pink Pepperpod to Eucalyptus to Japanese Orange. (Nordstrom, $50)

9. Elizabeth W Set of 6 Fizz Tablets

Elizabeth W Set of 6 Fizz Tablets
Image: Elizabeth W

Drop one of these into the tub and watch it fizz into a fragrant, relaxing experience. The colorful foil tablets look great displayed in a bowl or apothecary jar on your bathroom sink and are available in multiple scents — our personal faves are the Cranberry Ginger & Honey and Vetiver & Lavender sets. (Elizabeth W, $20 for six)

10. Cedar 13” Bath Brush

Cedar 13” Bath Brush
Image: Rescue Spa

This Japanese-style boar-bristle brush can also be used for dry brushing to stimulate circulation, exfoliate and detoxify. How-to: Brush in long sweeping motions from your feet upwards, from hands to shoulders and upward on the torso, moving toward the heart. (Rescue Spa, $16)

11. L’Occitane Savons de Provence

L’Occitane Savons de Provence
Image: L’Occitane

There’s something charming and pampering about bar soaps. And these happen to smell heavenly. The set contains four gentle, shea butter-infused soaps in a range of Provence-inspired formulas, including milk soap, lavender and verbena. (L’Occitane, $25)

12. Catbird Kitten Candle

Catbird Kitten Candle
Image: Catbird

The Williamsburg boutique’s signature scent blends musk, amber and violets for a scent that’s at once distinctly feminine and a tiny bit bad girl. Light it up tub-side while listening to your ultimate soothing-soak playlist. (Catbird, $38)

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