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Civilised Saturday sounds way more appealing than Black Friday

For those who love a bargain Black Friday is the day they have been waiting for all year. But it’s no secret that the madness can get a little much: hair pulling, stampeding and endless queuing. So it’s a good thing there’s an altogether more relaxing alternative.

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It’s called Civilised Saturday and it’s the brainchild of The Booksellers Association — because, really, pushing and shoving is not for all of us.

The idea is to chill out and combat all the insanity from Black Friday by sipping tea, reading and shopping for the latest books in over 100 participating local bookstores, a day after all the discounting frenzy (Nov. 28).

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Speaking of the idea, The Booksellers Association’s Alan Staton told The Guardian that Black Friday is “the antithesis” of what booksellers stand for.

He said, “It’s about discounts, it’s about a feeding frenzy, so we said why don’t we have a ‘Civilised Saturday’, which shows that what booksellers offer is an informed, civilised environment for people to make purchases. It may be for people who have gone through Black Friday and need some R&R afterwards, or for those who shun it for a more civilised alternative.”

We really like this alternative idea, and you could certainly find me huddled in the corner of a bookshop enthralled in a mystery novel, but reading (sadly) is not for everyone. And that’s OK because we have some other suggestions for how you can spend your Saturday in a civilised fashion.

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For starters there’s always high tea, where you can exercise your pinky fingers; or instead of smashing your bottle of gin before a night out, head over to a gin bar and enjoy a gin cocktail or a glass of Champagne. Failing that there’s always a spa day, a foot massage or a delicious gourmet meal.

Or you could just sleep. Because Saturday.

How will you be spending your “Civilised Saturday?” Let us know your plans in the comments below.

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