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10 Beauty experiences to give your makeup-addicted friends

Jacqueline Ryan

Sometimes, the best and most memorable gifts aren’t ones that come in a box. For self-proclaimed beauty addicts, there’s nothing better than a relaxing spa treatment, a detailed contouring lesson or a chance to the try the latest and greatest beauty trend. If you have one these lovely ladies on your list this year, consider skipping that collection of lip color — they probably already have it — and gifting a total beauty experience like the ones below.

Make your own soap

The natural beauty on your list can take a class at Back Porch Soap Co. where they’ll be treated to a three and a half hour lesson on how to make soap and all the information you need to continue making sweet smelling soaps at home. Classes are available in New York City, Boston, Jackson Hole, WY, California and online. (Back Porch Soap Co., $135)

Acne consultation

Acne consultation
Image: POREspective

Any acne-challenged friend will appreciate a consultation with POREspective. A short questionnaire provides them with information on your diet, beauty regimen, lifestyle and a subsequent 45-minute Skype/FaceTime allows specialists to make personal recommendations. (POREspective, initial consultation starts at $175) 

Tutorial compilation

Many beauty treatments can break the bank, but compiling top YouTube beauty tutorials certainly won’t. Beauty Vloggers like Casey Holmes have tons of makeup and hair styling videos. Pick your favorites and dress the links up in a cute email without spending a dime.

Scrub-and-color spa treatment

Bliss, with locations nationwide, offers the perfect winter-skin treatment. Skin smoothing scrub gently exfoliates dry winter skin before their own self-tanner is expertly painted on. (Bliss, $135)

Personal shopping for makeup

Most beauty junkies have a huge stock of makeup, and all would welcome more. Many makeup artists, like New York based Erica Gonzalez, offer personal shopping trips where they will help you pick out the products best suited for you. Expect rates to be around $250 for an hour of undivided, professional attention.

A non-invasive spa treatment

Non-invasive spa treatment
Image: Deborah Cheramie/Getty Images

Lasers and radio frequency technologies are all the rage at medical spas. An alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgeries, treatments like Thermi can firm, tighten and lift areas of the skin, using heat instead of needles or scalpels. While the services can be expensive, the lack of downtime and pain will have the recipient thanking you for years to come. (Thermi, $3200)

Find the perfect scent

UNIQUE Fragrance
Image: UNIQUE Fragrance

UNIQUE Fragrance guides users though a virtual experience of selecting scents, ingredients and a bottle design to customize the perfect perfume. (UNIQUE Fragrance, $100)

Makeup application

Makeup application
Image: Image Source/Getty Images

There’s nothing a beauty addict appreciates more than having a professional apply her makeup. National chains like Sephora offer clients customized makeup applications with only a $50 purchase: a minimum almost all women can meet without even thinking twice.

A mani/pedi

A mani/pedi
Image: WLADIMIR BULGAR/Getty Images

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice mani/pedi combo? A gift card will allow your BFF to take a trip to her favorite spa on you. Available online and redeemable nationwide, you can choose the amount to gift. (Spafinder, amount varies)

A spa vacation

A spa vacation
Image: Westend61/Getty Images

For the most special of special friends on your Christmas list, a spa trip to the Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona will cement your friendship for life. All-inclusive packages start at $3,540/person for a three-night retreat and includes meals, dozens of fitness activities, complimentary use of facilities, a luxurious room and $450 to use on their decadent spa treatments.

Giving your friend a total beauty experience this year will produce lots of smiles while saving you the hassle of wrapping.

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