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11 Gifts every professional will love to have in their office

Ashleigh Sutlive

With Christmas coming, right now is the best time to shop for all those gifts piled up on your list. However, you keep wondering what you’re going to give your niece who just started to work in an office. I mean, what would she need or even want?

I’m here to help with that. I recently started an office job and believe me, there is a myriad of things I would love to add to my little space. I’m narrowing it down to 11 today, just so there isn’t sensory overload.

1. Planner or organizer

Emily Lay Planner
Image: Design Darling

I cannot tell you how important this is. I do a lot of writing at my job, and having somewhere to keep it all together is a huge bonus. I would love the Happy Stripe Daily Simplified Planner. (Design Darling, $58 )

2. Sticky notes

Image: Office Depot

Lots of writing mean lots of notes. Everywhere. Super Sticky notes are so much easier to keep track of than random pieces of paper. (Office Depot, $28)

3. Pens

Image: Office Depot

I know I’m starting to sound repetitive, but having pens that actually write right when you need them is super important. Try the Zebra Z Grip retractable ballpoint pens for a smooth writing experience. (Office Depot, $12) 

4. Binder

Image: Office Depot

Keep all your papers organized with a slant ring binder. You will thank me. (Office Depot, $13 ) 

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