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Practicing gratitude means more than making lists

Tricia Johnson

It was very easy to think of things that I’m thankful for. The list came to mind quickly.

  • Jesus
  • My husband
  • My sons
  • Parents
  • Brother and sister
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Church
  • Home
  • Strengths
  • Country
  • My dog
  • The boys’ teachers
Okay, I’ll stop there. Here’s the thing. It was a breeze to name people and groups that I’m grateful are part of my life, but I wonder if these people know how much I value them? I would venture to say no.

Then, I wonder if my loving husband knows how much I respect and love him? My kids? My poor parents. My love for them overflows from my heart, and I can only hope they know it.

The list goes on and on of people who are dearly loved and may question if they are even thought of.
This Thanksgiving week, instead of making a pretty list on adorable paper, framed for all to see, I think I’ll actually tell these special people how integral they are to my life and how much they mean to me. I’ll try my best to not let a whole year go by before making an effort to show my gratitude for the loved ones in my life.
I encourage you to consider the special people in your life and join me during this holiday of thanks to tell them that they are dearly loved.

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