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Why meteorologists around the country are all wearing the same dress

Male news anchors have it easy: They just need a few fitted suits, a few dress shirts and ties and they’re set. It’s not so simple for the female anchors.

Many news stations — especially ones in smaller cities — don’t give their news teams a clothing allowance, leaving it up to the women to find appropriate outfits that are stylish, flattering and won’t make them look like floating heads when they’re in front of the green screens.

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“Many stations even have consultants that come in and tell you colors you should and shouldn’t wear,” Shelby Hays, a KOCO meteorologist from Oklahoma, told Tech Insider.

So, when one finds an outfit that’s all of these things, well, they naturally want to share it with their colleagues. A female meteorologist recently stumbled on such a dress and so many fellow other meteorologists are also buying it — in every color — that Amazon is now backordered in many colors and sizes.

And for good reason: It’s only $23!

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“Someone stumbled onto ‘the dress’ and a few of us ordered it and shared pics of it on air in our [private Facebook] group. Everyone saw how great it looked,” Hays told the website. “At $23 we could buy a handful of these dresses for what we normally pay for just one.”

Hey, we totally get it!

The dress — a simple color-blocked sheath dress with sleeves — looks great on every woman who wears it, even if they do have to limit how many times they wear it on the job.

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“We can only wear things once every couple of months because it’s your whole body (on the air) and people really remember it if (your outfit) is really bold or stands out, so it can be hard to build a wardrobe at a decent price,” CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist said.

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