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11 Adventurous gifts backpackers will love

Eva Gómez López

We all know a person who is always travelling with a backpack on his/her shoulders. Backpacking travelers are adventurous, brave and special, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a good gift for them. For that reason, here you have the perfect gifts for a backpacking traveler.

1. Ostrich Pillow

Image: Studio Banana Things

An adventurer doesn’t always sleep in a comfortable bedroom. Bus stations, trains, planes… an ostrich pillow helps to rest anywhere! (Ostrich Pillow, $45)

2. Portable Battery

Portable Battery
Image: Power Rock USA

Backpacking travelers spend a lot of time away from electricity, and that can be a problem for the phone or the camera. For that reason, a little portable battery can be really useful. (Powerocks, $20)

3. Shrink-Wrap T-Shirt

Shrink wrapped shirt
Image: Muji

Space is limited in the luggage of a backpacking traveler, and clothes always take up a lot of room. Muji has the solution: a shrink wrap T-Shirt! It’s as small as a card, so they’ll save a lot of space. There are different models and also dresses! (Muji, $15)

4. Scratch Map


This is the perfect decor for their bedroom. They’ll have fun scratching the countries where they have already been, while they decide which will be the next destination. (Scratch Map, $29)

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