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15 Creative gifts for the artists in your life

Angie Golish

11. 642 Things to Draw

642 Things to draw
Image: Amazon

Let’s face it, sometimes our muses take a vacation, and we’re left with no inspiration for the next piece of work. This cute sketch journal basically just lists a bunch of things to doodle in its pages, and when you’re feeling stuck doing a few of these pages might just do the trick. Nothing brings on inspiration like just going for it and doing it, inspired or no. There’s also a sequel called 712 More Things to Draw. Get them both and you’ll keep them doodling forever.

If your artistic friend isn’t just about the drawing, the creators of this little wonder also have 642 Things to Write About, 104 Things to Photograph, and a slew of other versions and similar books with more and more things they can do. They even have a calendar version to keep them drawing daily. (Amazon, $13)

12. Work from Other Artists

We artists are artists because we love art, so it’s no surprise that we probably also collect work from other artists and appreciate their differing styles and techniques. Pick up something from a local artist at a farmers’ market or head on over to Etsy. If you know the person you’re gifting to, you’ll find something that they’ll love.

13. Heated Vibrating Hand Massagers

Heated Hand massager
Image: Amazon

If there’s anything your artist friend knows, it’s sore hands. Many of us can spend hours at our craft-painting, typing, molding, etc. We walk away with aching hands and an increased risk of carpal tunnel. You can get something on the higher end like this Acupressure Hand Massager with Heat Compression (pictured) or something more simple (and half the price) like these Heated Vibrating Mitts. Pampering can mean a lot to someone who might not take time away from their art to pamper themselves often. (Amazon, $129)

14. Food/Coffee/Wine

No joke – your favorite artist friend is probably fueled by coffee, inspired while drinking wine, and too poor to splurge on delicious food items. Buying them a bottle of wine (or you know, whatever their favorite creativity-inspiring spirit is) is probably the easiest gift you can do. Otherwise buy them some nice coffee and pair it with a cute new mug (bonus points if you go down to your local ceramic shop and either make it yourself or support a local potter) and perfection! Or you know, if you’re strapped for cash, make them a nice big batch of chocolate-chip cookies. Food gifts are highly underestimated.

15. A Gift Card to Their Local Craft/Art Store

If all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card to their local craft or art store. They’re always going to need supplies, and a gift card allows them to go and pick out exactly what it is they need and/or want.

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