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15 Creative gifts for the artists in your life

Angie Golish

With the holidays approaching faster than a speeding train, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the people on your list, especially when those people have different interests than you. For example, if you’re the scientific type, buying something for that artist BFF of yours can seem a little daunting. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t – we creative types are actually pretty easy to shop for. I mean, you can basically hit any of your local craft stores and pick something right off the shelf and we’ll love it… But let’s make it even easier, shall I? Here’s a list of 15 perfect gifts for that friend who’s artsy…

1. A New Sketchbook

There’s nothing artists need more than the supplies they use to create their work, and anyone who draws can never have enough sketchbooks. Some artists can fill multiple books each week, so new paper is always welcomed happily.

2. New Pens/Pencils/Markers

colored pincil
Image: Amazon

Most of us artsy type have an obsession with pretty pens, even if that’s not our normal chosen medium. If you pick up a pack of coveted art supplies, even a small pack, you’ll make the receiver of your gift quite happy. Some brands that artists covet include Copic Markers and Prismacolor colored pencils. They’re on the pricier side, but just a few of these pretties will go great in a gift. (Amazon, $37)

3. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's way
Image: Amazon

This is a book I’ve heard spoken of highly by many an artist and non-artist alike. It’s basically a self-led course to a deeper and more spiritual connection with your art. You can even go one step further and grab the Artist’s Way Starter Kit for not much more. (Amazon, $10).

4. Journals

Most artists are very in-touch with their feelings, and even though they express them visually, journals are a wonderful addition. Pick them up a pretty journal from the stationery section of your local Target or even find/make them something handmade. There are an array of beautiful journal options out there, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you can never have too many – even if some are put away for later.

5. Frames

It may seem simple, but frames can be kind of an expensive investment, but they’re something nearly every creative-type needs more of. Whether it’s to frame their own work or a work of another artist/photographer they love, they need them. You can pick up any wide range of frames, and they don’t have to be just the plain black ones. Look in your local thrift store for unique old frames too, even if the frame is a little beat up. Any artist can happily take an old frame with character and restore it or make it into something better.

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