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15 Gifts under $25 that will excite even hard-core techies

Kim Komando

11. Security fingerprint reader

Image: Amazon

Give a gift that’s fit for James Bond. The security fingerprint reader makes it possible to use your fingerprint as a password. It’s used to prevent unauthorized access to computer logins and files. Plus, it has a way of making people feel like they’re pretty important. (Amazon, $13)

12. Two-pocket wrist wallet

Image: Wallet

This two-pocket wrist wallet is just the right size to hold essential items you need while running around. It’s perfect for travel or exercise. The pockets zip and are large enough to hold your cell phone, earbuds, credit cards, cash and car keys. And, since you wear it on your wrist, it’s easily accessible — much easier than those cell phone holders you wear on your arm. (Komando, $16)

13. MirrorBook compact pocket mirror

Image: Amazon

It’s not electronic, but anyone who loves Apple products will get a kick out of the MirrorBook compact pocket mirror. It comes in silver or white and looks exactly like a MacBook. And since it’s only around 3 inches wide, it fits perfectly in your purse or pocket. (Amazon, $5)

14. Glowing memo clock

Image: TinyDeal

For someone who always worries they’ll forget an idea in their sleep, this is the perfect alarm clock. Not only does it keep the time, it comes with a glow-in-the-dark marker and lit glass plate so you can write down notes. It also comes standard with three different alarm settings and even a birthday reminder. (TinyDeal, $15)

15. Silly laptop sleeves

Laptop cover
Image: Cafe Press

Covers, cases and sleeves are some of the best ways techies show off their personalities. Prove how well you know them by getting them a laptop sleeve that fits their style. Whether they’re into Star Wars or off-the-wall humor, there are plenty of designs to choose from under $25. (Cafe Press, $23) 

Have a larger budget? Here are four gifts under $50 you’ll love:

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