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15 Gifts under $25 that will excite even hard-core techies

Kim Komando

With so many gadgets out there, it’s tough to find great gifts for people who dig technology. Mostly because they’re very particular, which makes them a difficult crowd to please. But you can’t go wrong with these fun items. Here are 15 gifts under $25 that your techy friends will love. Guaranteed.

1. Designer data cables

Image: Rue21

Hard-core fashionistas always have the hottest accessories. And so do hard-core techies. Why settle for boring cables when you can have pretty prints instead? They come in several designs and extended lengths so you can easily reach any outlet. (Rue 21, $4)

2. CableDrops

Cord Grabber
Image: Amazon

It’s safe to assume that your techy friends own a lot of gadgets… and with those gadgets come a lot of cords. CableDrops grasp charging cables to keep them right where you want them. No more crawling under your desk or digging through that cluttered drawer. They come in fun colors or in black and white, so they’ll blend in with your decor no matter what. (Amazon, $10)

3. Swivel phone and tablet holder

Phone holder
Image: Komando

No matter how hard you try, your handheld device is never at the perfect angle. That’s because you’re always moving around. But this 360-degree swivel stand fits any size tablet or smartphone and makes it easy to turn the screen as you move. Use it in the kitchen to display your favorite recipe while cooking, at the office so you’ll never miss another alert or anywhere else you need quick access to your phone. (Komando, $12)

4. Solar-powered cell phone charger

Solar Charger
Image: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for techies who are frequent travelers. There’s nothing worse than needing a quick charge while on the go — and, whether you’re at the airport or in a busy coffee shop, there are never enough outlets available. With this charger you don’t need one. You just need to place it out on a flat surface or mount it in a window where it can receive direct sunlight. (Amazon, $19

5. Range Rover wireless mouse

Range Rover Mouse
Image: Amazon

The techy in your life may not drive a fancy car, but they can still own a Range Rover. This wireless mouse is a bit smaller than the actual SUV, but still just as fun to take for a spin. It’s wireless and comes with a USB receiver that is compatible for both Mac and Windows. Plus, it just looks really cool on your desk. (Amazon, $13)

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