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10 Hilarious Holiday Gifts That Are Totally Pun-tastic

We’ve all got that one friend who basically talks in all puns. Yes, they might elicit a groan or two every now and again, but you gotta love ’em. Plus, if we didn’t have someone who was super-punny, what excuse would we have to buy all the cheesy stuff?

Because nothing brings people together quite like a good pun — or a great lasso — we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pun-tastic gifts for 2017.

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1. Brussels sprouts bag

Punny Gifts
Image: Amazon

They’ll totes love this washable paper bag. And you can’t help sing “Every day, I’m brusselin'” in the style of Rick Ross when you whip it out.

Washable paper bag, $8.99 at Amazon

2. Yoga wristlet

Punny Gifts
Image: JossyBlossoms/Etsy

Anybody who has ever gone to a hot yoga class knows that mascara is a big no-no.

Hot Yoga humor embroidered zipper pouch wristlet, $22 at JossyBlossoms/Etsy

3. Avocado keychain

Punny Gifts

This pun is a little subtler, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Plus, who doesn’t love avocados?

Let’s Avocuddle keychain, $14.99 at THEBRANCHEANDTHEVINE/Etsy

4. Cereal spoon

Punny Gifts
Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

You probably know someone who can kill a whole box of Lucky Charms in one sitting.

Cereal Killer spoon, $16 at This Is Why I’m Broke

5. Gym water bottle

Punny Gifts
Image: SerendipityVita/Etsy

To really put this gift over the top, fill it up with premium gin before you wrap it.

Gym?! I Thought You Said Gin Gym bottle, $20.68 at SerendipityVita/Etsy

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Originally published December 2015. Updated November 2017.

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