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12 Gifts for the small business owner on your list

Shauna Mackenzie

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite small business owner? The solopreneur, by sheer fact of being a one-person shop, has to wear many hats. Often busy, overwhelmed and needing some extra TLC to keep their business running smoothly, the solopreneur needs things to inspire and streamline their life.

Here’s our favorite gift ideas to help them be their Best Kept Self so their business can thrive:

1. Wearable tech

Image: Ringly

Ringly is a wearable that connects to your smartphone. No longer do you need your phone on the lunch table when taking that important meeting. Customized vibration and subtle light notifcations on the side of the ring notify you of important calls, emails and texts so you can stay phone-free and focused on the task at hand. (Ringly, $260)

2. Anker PowerCore phone charger

Anker charger
Image: Amazon

A business owner is constantly on their phone and always on-the-go. This portable and small charger allows them to stay juiced up through their entire day. (Amazon, $10)

3. Moleskine Evernote smart notebook

Image: Amazon

Every solopreneur has a go-to notebook, but now it’s easy to turn those hand-written notes into a digital saved file in Evernote. Using the Evernote Page Camera feature, you can capture the pages of your notebook with your smartphone. Plus, the notebook comes with a three-month Evernote Premium subscription. (Amazon, $21)

4. UEL ZING Cold Brew coffee

Image: Square up

A solopreneur often thrives on coffee. Get this great tasting UEL ZING cold brew coffee in a pack of four sleek 12-ounce bottles. They have a shelf life of four weeks and come in reusable/recycleable and BPA-free bottles. (SquareUp, $12)

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