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Why I purged three of my favorite items from my closet

I had a blue jean jacket from Gap that I’d bought in junior high school. We recently parted ways.

It was difficult to get rid of her because we had been through a lot together. She had seen every relationship before my now-husband of 18 years — there were a lot of them, short ones. She adapted to every phase of music I got into, from Pink Floyd to The Pixies to The Pharcyde.

Through all of that, she never made me feel good. If I’m going to be honest, she never did. She was bought on sale at a shopping outlet where I begged my parents for a piece of Americana. But she never fit or felt right. She was always in the way — and wound up tied around my waist or forgotten in a car or at a party. The arrangements to pick her up always left me thinking, “I don’t even like this. How is this worth it?”

She was my Blue Jean Baby. I didn’t want to say goodbye because I thought she was my favorite. She never was — just the memory of how much I’d wanted her.

Two months ago I bought something to replace her — this one from Rag & Bone. It was difficult to justify spending over $250 on a new jean jacket, especially when I already had “a perfectly good one.”

I don’t regret it — I wear it everywhere, almost every day. It’s soft, comfortable and fits perfectly. I don’t regret moving on, not for a second. I have no idea why it took me almost two decades to do it.

Here is another item I’ve recently replaced: a chunky knit sweater. I’ve had a scratchy one from J.Crew for years that I have suffered over a decade of winters in, but this soft Joie turtleneck sweater is so soft I can sleep in it!

Chunky Sweater
Image: Lynn Chen/SheKnows

Finally, I’ve accepted that I’m never going to wear high-heeled boots on a regular basis. That was the most difficult thing to part with because I have a closet full of chunky, clunky beauties that I paid big bucks for. Now that I have back problems and never seem to want to wear anything other than flats — even on the red carpet — I’m giving them to another lucky woman. Marc Jacobs makes a comfy pair that I was able to wear while walking around the whole city.

You all know I’m not just talking about clothes here right? This applies to a lot of things in life — people included. Find what fits and what feels good, and get rid of the rest!

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