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7 Natural polish removers that are good for your nails

With so many fantastic “three-free” nail polish removers on the market, there’s no reason to ever again torture your hands and nails with harsh, drying chemicals.

In the last few years, much progress has been made to eliminate the so-called “toxic trio” — that would be DBP, toluene and formaldehyde (a carcinogen, for goodness sake) — from nail polishes and nail polish removers. As a result of the increasing demand for more healthy, natural nail alternatives, several companies are responding with amazing products — including nail polish removers made with natural ingredients and completely void of any trace of acetone, a chemical that can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles, leaving them dry, weak and brittle.

These seven natural nail polish removers contain natural ingredients and will make you feel good about changing your nail polish shade as often as you do your clothing.

1. Treat Collection Gentle Nail Polish Remover

Treat Collection Gentle Nail Polish Remover
Image: Integrity Botanicals

In addition to offering a heavenly collection of “five-free” nail polish shades, Treat Collection, a Berlin-based company, created one of my favorite soy-based nail polish removers, which is infused with argan oil and vitamins A, C and E. A few swipes with a cotton ball is all it takes to remove your polish and your hands will be left feeling like silk (Integrity Botanics, $24).

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2. Acquarella Water Color

Acquarella Water Color
Image: Acquarella

Not a fan of oil-based polish removers? No worries, there’s a non-toxic solution for you — Acquarella delivers a vegan, fruit and vegetable-derived alcohol nail polish remover void of acetone, oils and emollients. There’s just one catch: It only works on Acquarella nail polish which, lucky for us, is pretty darn amazing (Acquarella, $9).

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3. No Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover

No Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover
Image: No Miss

This natural formula contains zero traces of acetone, volatile organic carbons or ethyl acetate and is cruelty-free. It is also made with no more than five ingredients and smells like warm vanilla — so, yes, this one is a keeper (No Miss, $5).

4. Suncoat Plant Based Nail Polish Remover

Suncoat Plant Based Nail Polish Remover
Image: Suncoat Products

You may have already heard about Suncoat’s fabulous collection of water-based nail polishes, and it’s only right that you familiarize yourself with their plant-based nail polish remover, which is made from corn stock fermentation and is enriched with vitamin E. Given its formula, expect an emollient consistency and a remover that removes both water-based and conventional nail polishes (Suncoat Products, $12).

5. Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover
Image: Honeybee Gardens

I’d purchase this acetone-free remover for the sweet bottle alone, but let’s talk about their great ingredients, which include horsetail extract to strengthen nails and vitamin E and aloe to soothe and repair cuticles. Rest assured: The vegan formula meets environmental VOC standards (Honeybee Gardens, $10).

6. Tate’s The Natural Miracle Odorless Nail Polish Remover

Tate's The Natural Miracle Odorless Nail Polish Remover
Image: Amazon

This organic, mineral-based nail polish remover is said to remove nail polish 50 times faster than conventional, chemical-laden removers — that alone should spur you to want to try it. It leaves your hands moisturized while helping to strengthen nails (Tate’s, $17).

7. Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover

Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover
Image: Piggy Paint

You’ll want to purchase it because of the adorable pig packaging, but you’ll want to keep stocking up on Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover because it contains just four simple ingredients: corn alcohol, aloe vera, vitamin E and an embittering agent. And that cute-as-pie container just so happens to be biodegradable, to boot (Piggy Paint, $8).

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