Move over Oprah, these are my favorite things

Nov 24, 2015 at 6:12 p.m. ET
Image: Barry King/Getty Images

Okay... I get it. Oprah's Favorite Things introduced us to some wonderful hidden gems! I, too, got caught in the rapture of Garrett Popcorn (Chicago Mix), and I spent many nights slathering on the thick richness of Origins Ginger Scrub — still love the stuff, actually. I appreciate that Oprah gave us a taste of her world at a fraction of the cost. I just can't ignore the fact that I have some favorite things too!

1. Hot Bagels (1594 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11236)

Hot Bagels
Image: Joey Rozier/Flickr

I may live in the South now, but I was born and raised on the best of Brooklyn! This bagel shop offers the authentic taste of a hot buttered bagel. Nothing like biting into one of these babies and having cream cheese oooozing out with a hot cup of coffee on a brisk fall day. This is one of my all-time faves.

2. Circle E Candles


All I have to say is Birds of Paradise. The scent is intoxicating. It's like the smell of cotton candy for lovers. It embraces the whole house, making every room smell like paradise. This candle turns your bedroom into an exotic destination.

3. Ménage à Trois Silk Wine


Smooth as silk and easy on the palette, this red blend is like a blanket on the throat: warm and coating and so easy to sip. You can find it at World Market, and even Walmart now carries it. The wine has a wide appeal, so it's a great bottle to keep in the house for when you have friends visiting. Not too dry. Not too sweet. Ménage à Trois Silk is just right — yeah, even for Goldilocks!

4. (1842 East 3 Notch Street, Andalusia, AL 36421)


You ever just get the taste for some good down home slap-ya-mama catfish?!? Well, I never used to being the die heart Brooklynite that I am, but since I've been livin' in the South, my tastebuds have gone to the FRIED SIDE!! For under $14.00 you can get ALL-U-CAN-EAT fried shrimp and catfish at David's Catfish House! Talk about TWO goodies!! The batter is the best (not a cormeal base which is used quite a bit with fried fish in the South)! It's light, similar to tempura, and crispy. The catfish is meaty and the portions are huge! By plate two I'm letting my zipper down to breathe! Let me not forget their incredible cole slaw that people buy by the quarts and gallons (yes, it's that good).

Claybank Soap Company


Nestled in the little town that I live in, Ozark, Alabama, is a wonderful boutique shop called Market on Broad Street (yep, on Broad Street). They have a smorgasbord of the greatest little items to give as gifts for any time of the year. I am personally hooked on the Claybank Soaps. They offer over 40 fragrances ranging from my FAVE Nag Champa to your more fruitier and floral scents that are just as delectable. I stock up for myself, to give as gifts to men and women and did I mention for myself? Guess I did. Well you can't keep a girl from one of her favorite things!!

Tyler - Diva Wash

Diva Wash
Image: Tyler Candle Store

Another great find that you can pick up at the Claybank Soap Company (or Amazon) is Tyler's Diva Wash. The Tyler brand is known for it's candles and once you take a whiff you are bound to be just as hooked as I am! I was already in love with the Diva candle scent, BUT MY GOODNESS, the Diva Wash laundry detergent is in a class by itself. It is NOT your everyday laundry detergent (though if I could splurge on this all the time I would). A little goes a long way! It's a special way to give a lift to your towels and bed sheets! My husband absolutely LOVES it and can always tell when I've added it to the laundry. He also requests it so that's a very good sign!

These are just six of the things I love; I could truly go on and on about my favorite things! Oprah dear, I'm here when you need me to share my faves with you!