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8 #ThrowbackThursday gifts to deliver a dose of nostalgia

Stephanie Redhead

We all wished that we could travel back in time like Marty McFly did in Back to the Future. Since time travel doesn’t look promising for us, the next best thing to do is to nod your head in nostalgic recognition with one of the holiday’s best throwback gifts ever. We found the perfect present to give that family member who says, “Back in the day…” often or the gift to share with friends over wine with an old school tune playing in the background — on vinyl, of course.

1. Scrabble Nostalgia Edition

Scrabble Nostalgia Edition
Image: East Dane

Yes, Scrabble is still played in present time, however this edition was reissued to the original 1940s format! Travel back to the vintage graphics and wooden tile racks. (East Dane $25)

2. Fila Sweatshirt

Fila Sweatshirt
Image: Urban Outfitter

Fila and Urban Outfitters brought a blast from the past with this exclusive throwback Fila color block sweatshirt. Jazz it up with skinny jeans and pumps to celebrate this cult classic look. (Urban Outfitter $85)

3. Robby the Robot

Robby the Robot
Image: East Dane

Robby first appeared in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, and made cameos in several science fiction movies and TV shows, sometimes without referring to the original film character. We are pretty sure Dr. Sheldon Cooper has one, which means its super cool. (East Dane $40)

4. Electronic Basketball

Electronic Basketball
Image: East Dane

Ah yes, this retro hand-held game that was popular in the 1970s is back, featuring improved sound effects. Fingers crossed your thumbs are in shape! (East Dane $22)

5. Electronic Football

Electronic Football
Image: East Dane

The electronic football handheld from the 1970s was a favorite pastime game. Careful: this game can be addictive and so much fun. (East Dane $22)

6. Clue Nostalgia Edition

Clue Nostalgia Edition
Image: East Dane

The iconic detective game has been reissued in the original 1963 format, with vintage detective notes and 1960s images. (East Dane $25)

7. Monopoly Nostalgia Edition

Monopoly Nostalgia Edition
Image: East Dane

If you’re missing the original style of Monopoly, this is the item to snag. This version was reissued in its original 1930s format, encompassing wooden houses, hotels and vintage-inspired cards. (East Dane $40)

8. Simon

Image: East Dane

This electronic memory game is the ultimate retro toy. It was launched in 1978 at Studio 54 and became a pop sensation in the 1980s. We just love the harmonic tuned buttons and how you can play with a group or with just Simon. (East Dane $40)

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