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15 Powerful cartoon tributes following the Paris attacks

Following Friday’s tragic events in Paris, when a series of co-ordinated attacks throughout the French capital left at least 132 people dead and critically injured 99 more, social media has been flooded with tributes.

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Artists from all over the world created some of the most powerful reactions to the atrocity.

1. Osama Hajjaj depicts Paris as a beautiful crying woman

2. Jaume Capdevila adapts the French flag to pay tribute

3. Michel Kichka’s subtle design has a strong message

4. Carlos Latuff suggests French President François Hollande is to blame for his “explosive foreign policy” of intervention in Syria

5. Plantu drew the Eiffel Tower shining a light over the city of Paris

6. Mathilde Adorno’s “Not afraid” shows the strength of Paris despite the attacks

7. Nik drew the world crying for Paris

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8. Ross McIntosh created an Eiffel Tower out of tears

9. Drawle de news depicted the Eiffel Tower comforting a weeping man

10. Taiwanese artist Kelly C drew a young girl with a glowing Eiffel Tower in her hands

11. Jean Jullien’s take on the peace symbol has gone viral

12. Charlie Hebdo artist Joann Sfar asked the world not to use #prayforparis

13. Sarah Chalabi’s cartoon has a rose growing out of the Eiffel Tower

14. Teenage artist Violet Shwimer reminded us that attacks happen all over the world

15. Alexandra Senes asked us to remember all victims of terrorism

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