Unusual gifts that every busy mom entrepreneur will love

Mom entrepreneurs are not as rare as they once were.

Many women are starting businesses while also raising a family. They launch ventures out of their home offices, spare bedrooms or kitchen tables while also managing the daily responsibilities of running a household and chasing after kids. It’s exhausting for sure, but mompreneurs wouldn’t have it any other way.

With the holidays just around the corner, what do you give the busy mompreneur in your life?

1. Meal delivery for one week

Blue Apron
Image: Blue Apron

A mompreneur’s dream is to not do meal planning — and cooking! — for a week when she has a looming deadline or is about to launch a new project. Give the gift of meal delivery for one week. Great options are Blue Apron or HelloFresh (although someone in the house will have to cook the meals), or opt for meal delivery services like Munchery (in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City only).

2. A good seat

Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs
Image: Amazon

Is the chair she uses in her office one that is left over from an old dining room set? Is it tattered, uncomfortable and not exactly functional? Give the mompreneur the gift of a good chair. It might not seem like the sexiest gift, but she will truly appreciate a comfortable chair after the many hours she spends at her desk. It doesn’t need to be super fancy, just comfortable and maybe even a bit stylish. (Amazon $74)

3. Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services
Image: Drazen Lovric/Getty Images

For the mompreneur who does it all or who is just starting out, a practical gift idea would be to hire a bookkeeper to set up her bookkeeping. Getting all the accounts, payees and customers/clients information loaded into QuickBooks or Xero takes a lot of time and the busy mompreneur would rather spend her time elsewhere — like on the business or hanging out with the family.

4. For the liquid lover

S’well bottles
Image: S’well bottles

An on-the-go mama who is also the C.E.O. usually travels with her favorite beverage. A new and fashionable container to hold her hot coffee that also keeps her water — or maybe some wine while she’s posting to her social media accounts at night — cool is a practical, yet great, gift. S’well bottles (S’well $25-$45) are a stylish option.

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