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The 7 types of friends no one wants at the bachelorette party

There are a few types of ladies at every bachelorette party. You’ll recognize them… unless you happen to be one of them. These are the traits you want to avoid exuding on your girlfriend’s special day.

1. Debbie Downer

All roads lead to negativity. This incredibly joyous occasion can nearly be ruined by her negative comments. If the bride looks amazing tonight, Debbie Downer will comment on how her own hair never looks quite right or how she hates her body and could never fit into or look good in a dress as cute as the bride’s.

2. Wastey Face

The one who gets too drunk to participate and ends up needing other members of the group to babysit her, help her to avoid getting kicked out of the bar/club/restaurant and eventually, inevitably, hold her hair back when she loses her lunch.

3. The Know-It-All

This one is going to want to take over the whole operation. You’ve heard from her before — she’s chimed in on all of the emails. She may have a hard time distinguishing whether this is her event or the bride’s. She will have her own itinerary laid out for the group, despite the fact that you’ve all previously heard her out, taken a vote and decided against those plans. This lady will want to make sure everyone sticks to the rules (her rules) and listens to her ideas and suggestions, even if there’s already a plan in place. It’ll be hard to take the reins from her, so just let her talk while you go about your business.

4. The MIA (missing in action)

This one isn’t that committed. You probably knew that before she got there. She will be the one who’s eager to chat up other groups, make new (probably male) friends when you’re out and eventually venture off to see what’s better. At the end of the night, you haven’t seen her for hours and she likely isn’t sleeping in her own room tonight.

5. The One-Upper/Thunder Thief

Oh, you look good in that dress, Bride? This lady has one just like it, only better and more expensive — and in her mind, she looks as good, if not more fabulous, than you do and she has no problem mentioning it. When you discuss your wedding plans, she will subtly (not that subtly) slip in that your choice isn’t really her style and that hers was, or will be, “different,” or “better.” Every guest’s story will be topped by her own experience, and she’ll only be quiet if there isn’t an opportunity to express her obvious glory. Her job is great, significant other is great, wardrobe is great and costs a ton (which she can afford because of her amazing job). Don’t bother asking, it’s all amazing according to her.

6. Holier Than All of Y’all

This lady is the Mayor of Judgment Town. She definitely won’t let loose and probably won’t participate in the more over-the-top activities. She may not tell you outright that she thinks what you’re doing is wrong (drinking, dancing, stuffing dollar bills into an exotic dancer’s underwear), but she will be sure to make her point, even if it’s by refraining from participating while scowling and shaking her head as you and the other girls get down with your bad selves.

7. Bridezilla

Everyone knows this exciting event is about you and that’s why they’re here! Everyone (except maybe No. 5) fully supports you and is trying their absolute hardest to make sure you enjoy your time. Things may not pan out completely perfectly, but try to keep a positive attitude and let the mishaps slide. Sure, your drunk cousin may get out of line — per usual — but let it go, turn your attention to the attendees who are truly on #TeamBride and let loose with them.

I expect that the big bachelorette party trip will be one for the books and that everyone will have an amazing time all together as a team. Try not to be one of “those” girls and the whole crew should be A-OK.

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