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Inspiring hairdresser gives free haircuts to the homeless

There are some inspiring humans in the world and one of them is a barber by the name of Joshua Coombes.

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After a long day of work at Jeff Goodwin’s salon in Exeter, instead of going home and watching Netflix marathons like so many of us love to do, Coombes puts his hairdressing skills to good use and helps those in need by offering them free haircuts, Daily Mail reports.

Often homeless people are looked down on by society and deemed an inconvenience to passers-by, who pretend not to see them, but not Coombes. Not only do his haircuts give people in need some sort of normality, they also provide them with human interaction and create awareness of an issue that so many pretend doesn’t exist.

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According to Metro, after being inspired by a trip to New York where he witnessed a similar project, Coombes and his photographer friend Matt Spracklen have been documenting their work.

“For me, it is about giving something back and raising awareness of the homeless and by doing it on the street, it breaks the generalisation and so far it has been a good response,” Josh said in Metro‘s report. “Giving haircuts is such a small thing; it is just me going up to someone, having a chat and cutting their hair. They really appreciate the gesture.”

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It’s wonderful to see there are still kind-hearted individuals in this world and we hope that Coombes’ project inspires others to do what they can to help too.

Do you feel inspired by Coombes? Let us know your thoughts on this project in the comments below.

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