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The Internet goes into meltdown over news that slipper sales are declining

It’s amazing what we take for granted. Fresh water, warm homes, slippers… Yes, slippers. Those things you kick under your bed at the end of the day. Have you ever stopped to consider just how wonderful slippers are? Perhaps we would if they weren’t around anymore.

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Retailer JD Williams announced recently that their slipper sales are plummeting year on year and it’s sparked one of our favourite hashtag campaigns ever.

#SaveTheSlipper has been embraced by slipper lovers, who’ve been posting their slipper selfies on social media to encourage everyone to invest in a pair of cosy, comfy house shoes.

Like these:

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Or these: 

Roy Mason, JD Williams footwear buyer, told the Daily Mail: “We’re asking the nation to put its best foot forward and show their support for the slipper. From the classic moccasin and ballerina slippers of the 19th Century to the modern bootie, slippers have played an integral role in fashion history… The go-to Christmas gift since the 70s, the humble house shoe is in need of a well-deserved renaissance. They’ve been a feature on the feet of Great Britons for hundreds of years and we think it’s only right that we try and preserve the tradition.”

“Show your affection for the humble slipper by tweeting a slipper selfie with the hasthtag #savetheslipper,” Mason added.

As one Twitter user said, slippers are like “hugs for your feet”. We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

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