All toy companies should be inspired by Toy Planet's gender-neutral toys

Nov 12, 2015 at 11:52 a.m. ET

Why can't a little boy like prams and dolls and a little girl play with tools and dinosaurs? The answer: They totally can and should be able to do so without judgment.

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Spanish toy company Toy Planet have taken a massive step in the right direction with its new gender-neutral catalogue, which shows both boys and girls enjoying toys which are free from stereotypes. The Christmas 2015 catalogue is the company's second gender-neutral brochure and shows girls and boys playing with a Bosch toy toolkit, girls riding motorcycles and boys using pushchairs, effectively breaking down the barriers for things that are considered to be typically "male" or "female."

Toy Planet receive praise for gender neutral toy catalog
Image: Toy Planet

Toy Planet, which has 200 stores across Spain, has been applauded for its innovative thinking by consumers, and according to its website, its last catalogue was such a success that the company decided to continue with its winning idea.

"We could not miss this opportunity, having been the first", the company told Spanish newspaper El Pais. "It is a pending subject in the sector. We wish more people would join". The company has already made it clear that it "will continue next year".

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Toy Planet receive praise for gender neutral toy catalog
Image: Toy Planet

While the campaign may have been started last year, the company launched the idea of a gender-neutral policy via social media when it began posting pictures three years ago.

The company's general director, Ignacio Gaspar, told El Pais that the company wishes other retailers would follow suit.

"They've congratulated us a lot, but the support has been more about attitude than about behaviour. It's still hard going", Gaspar said, later adding, "If communication is not encouraged, it's hard for someone to take the helm with the changes. Who does it? The families? The companies? It's like a dog chasing its tail".

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It's a refreshing idea that we, like Toy Planet, wish more companies would take note of.

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