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How to take breathtaking photos of your little ones

Do you take lots of photos of your little ones? Who doesn’t, right? From the minute my daughter was born, I haven’t stopped snapping. In fact, I had to switch to a digital camera because my film developing habit was getting out of control.

I want to capture every single moment and keep it in a box to savor at a later date — just as much as I loved making the memory in the first place. I don’t want to miss anything. But one day, I’m going to want to pull these photos out and share them with my child. When I do, I want them to be just as beautiful as the moment they happened.

So, here are a few tips to capture those magic moments and get breathtaking photos of your little ones.

Take loads of photos

If you want a great photo, take lots of photos. You never know what you might catch. Just let your child play and catch the moments as they happen. You can even use your timer and jump in the photos yourself.

Discover the best light

Always try to go with natural light. I recommend using a room with a lot of windows or going outside to take photos. Never shoot towards the window, always have your child facing the window in natural light. The best lighting is the first few hours of daylight and the last couple hours of before the sun goes down.

Get down on their level

Children are short, so you can get some amazing perspective just by getting down on their level — even better, lay on your stomach. By getting down on their level, your child can look directly into the lens. It gives them confidence and an unforgettable shot.

Notice the scale

Children grow quickly, so try photographing them next to another object or person to give perspective. A great way to do that is by measuring baby hands and baby feet next to daddy’s or a sibling’s hands and feet.

Try a bird’s-eye view

Another way to catch amazing photos of your little ones is to get up above them when they are playing, napping, eating or whatever. A bird’s-eye view can capture your child without them even knowing you are there.

Candid photos

Take photos regularly and when your children are not paying attention. The best shots are the unposed ones. The more candid the photo, the more authentic the moment captured will be.

The eyes have it

Hold your baby’s gaze towards the lens. There is nothing more soulful and piercing than a big pair of baby blue eyes looking beyond the lens and through your soul.

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur photographer, the more photos you take the better the chance of catching that perfect breathtaking photo of your little one. What’s your best tip for capturing a great photo?

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