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‘Cat pub’ provides a dose of kitty love with your pint (PHOTOS)

Cat cafes are springing up in cities all over the U.K. and now something even better has come to our attention: a cat pub.

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That’s right, you can now sup your tipple of choice in the company of some delectable cats — at least, if you live in Bristol.

Clientele at the Bag Of Nails pub have actually been mingling with feline friends for the past few years but the establishment has recently become a talking point online. The pub has 15 resident cats, and they have free run of the place, so you could find yourself propping up the bar with a cute kitten curling around your leg, or passing a snoozing moggy on your way to the loo.

Bag of Nails cat pub, Bristol
Image: Bag of Nails, Bristol/Facebook

“The reaction is mostly positive,” Bag Of Nails landlord Luke Daniels told the Metro. Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats but people love it.”

Bag of Nail cat pub, Bristol
Image: Bag of Nails, Bristol, Facebook

Apparently the pub had 24 cats at one point but that was deemed to be a few too many, so some of them were rehomed — with some of the pub regulars.

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Bag of Nails cat pub, Bristol
Image: Bag of Nails, Bristol/Facebook

If this little face isn’t enough to make you want to pop into the Bag Of Nails for a pint, you should know that they also hold a weekly Lego contest where the pub provides the Lego and announces hourly themes, with prizes going to the best Lego model based on that theme.

Cats and Lego — we’re in heaven.

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